What We Do


Contact us at Spatial Integrity for more information on these and other service packages we have to offer:

Custom Digital Cartography – making never before seen maps which best benefit community needs.

Community Mapping Services – helping to tell important stories in powerful ways!

Research Development and Consulting – working with communities to discover how to tell their stories in the most understandable ways.

Archival Research – discovering hidden information that can provide indisputable evidence for community rights.

Report Writing and Editing Services – completing important reports that are accepted by scientific and legal communities.

Grant Writing – uncovering sources of funds which can help a community obtain the resources they need the most.

Data Collection and Analysis – working with other researchers to obtain important scientific evidence to support community needs.

Educational Course Development and Delivery – proven certification online classes which help groups and individuals gain the knowledge they need to help themselves!

For more information, contact us at Spatial Integrity for more details on each of these service packages.

At Spatial Integrity, we are dedicated to helping you tell your story in the best and most powerful ways possible!